February 23, 2013

Well it has been awhile since I’ve last posted. I know, and I am sorry. But don’t cry, I am back! For the most part I’ve been busy with school and life in general. But things are working out. I finally have a break to catch up with some of my friends and school work. And of course my blog! And so the story goes

For the most part this February I’ve been busy with school. Lots of reading to be done as well as studying and midterms coming up. Boring. I know!

Here’s where it gets a little interesting, in my opinion. Well, I’ve never really had success in relationships but then again I never pursued them. I made it my goal this year to strengthen my relationships with my friends and as well try to get to know¬† more women. I’ve finally felt that I am ready and responsible to be in a relationship and that it is time I start spreading my wings for the first time. As well, I’ve made it my goal to try to go out more often than usual and practice being more social. It’s not a strong point of mine I have to admit, but I’m optimistic it’ll all work out. Anyway, so my college was holding a speed dating event on Valentine’s Day. I knew that I wouldn’t have anybody that day, lucky me, so I decided to try my luck there even though I really didn’t mind coming up empty. It was something out of the blue for me and last minute so I wasn’t expecting much. I also saw it as a place to practice and gain some social skills, so at least I would learn something from it.

Anyway, so I get to the event. There was a lot of people. I was kinda nervous at first, but that subsided after awhile also due to the fact I had a little drink before it all started. So I went from table to table talking to each lady about their interests, learning something about them. Unfortunately the music was blasting so loud that it was hard to understand what they were saying so we literally had to yell at each other. Some of the girls were interesting. Unfortunately, some of the girls weren’t. This one girl was totally uninterested in me and was not at all nice. She didn’t even ask one single question! I was trying to ask her questions and not try to make things to hard, but she didn’t even say much. Didn’t even give me a chance. Oh well, I tried to be the better person I guess. Aside from that, there were two girls that were nice unfortunately they didn’t seem interested. Another day!

What I learned is that speed dating, even though it was my first time, is not really my thing, that is not yet. I learned that you should always have a bunch of questions set up to ask each girl so that you won’t be struggling to have a conversation with them. Also, within the time limit of two minutes it is hard know if that person is interesting enough.

I’m happy I did it and hope to do it again some time soon.


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