The First Day

January 27, 2013

So I decided to create a blog where I can express myself in a way that I understood. Writing. Talking is a more difficult task for me. With writing I can say things I normally wouldn’t say up front. And so the story goes…

I’ve been upset for the past couple of days. Something in my life happened a week ago and it has been preoccupying my thoughts. It’s nothing ridiculous though, in my opinion anyway, but has made me realize that being nice doesn’t get you anywhere in this world. I am starting to come to the realization of that. I’ve been a nice person my whole life. I’ve been taught, indoctrinated, and molded to be a nice person. Just twiddle your thumbs, sit up straight, hands in your lap and everything will be okay! But everything is not okay. I feel like I have no sense of accomplishment and that every coming day is another failure waiting to happen. But just be nice to all your friends and peers and all the people you look up to, they say.

When I look at all the times I’ve been “bad”, bad being something they wouldn’t want to see in me, I’ve felt a sense of accomplishment. Pride. Confidence in myself. For once I didn’t feel so brought down. For once I got what I wanted. For once I wasn’t at the end. For once it felt right.

Why does society have this conception of be nice and the world will fall in your lap. Everyday people are doing “bad” things. People are using each other for their own ends. For their own happiness. For their own gain. This is utter bulls**t! Those same people that are peddling this advice I bet don’t even follow it. The truth is, I think we are all wolves in sheeps clothing and all the sheep  that are left are the ones that get it the worst. They are taught to see but the wool has been pulled over their eyes. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Keep calm and carry on… the weight of those above you

I don’t want to be that sheep anymore. Sacrificing yourself for the greater good of all and not getting anything in return. I have had enough of it! If all of society did sacrifice themselves for the greater good, I wouldn’t mind, but we run on the basis of climb to the top and don’t look down. Feed your wants and needs, nothing else matters.

Money earned by you and spent on yourself is in the greatest of hands but money earned by others and spent on others is in the of worst hands.

But maybe I’m wrong…


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